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Read This: On the Practice of Education

The following is an excerpt of an article written by Mallory Baches, in which she coherently described what I've been frustrated with in recent years regarding education reform, teacher evaluation systems, and society's attitude towards the teaching profession in general. You should definitely read the rest on Medium.

My degree is in architecture, and I'm a certified planner... At parties or gatherings, when I describe what I do, I refer to it as my practice. I am a certified professional, and society rewards that fact by deeming me a practitioner, no different in status from law or medicine or engineering or accountancy. I 'practice' my profession… I continue the work of perfecting my craft.

We certainly never refer to professional teachers as “practitioners.” We want perfection from them, while treating them as if they are capable of anything but. If you bother to look, the conflict is appallingly evident.

We hold teachers to a standard that very few of us could ever adhere to ourselves. In my line of work, that would be like saying that every place I design and help develop *had* to lead every citizen that came in contact with it to thrive. Think about that, the next time you are driving from home to work to the store…how many buildings that you come across stir your spirit? How many neighborhoods or communities that you pass through even *seem* to be places where you would thrive, never mind whether you actually *would* thrive there should you invest your life there? Much of our cities are filled with junk buildings.

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